About Us

Chispas is the only student run organization at the University of Florida that focuses on immigrant rights and immigrant advocacy. Our mission is to address the pressing needs and issues of the immigrant  community through advocacy, service and awareness. We believe in an engaged student body that promotes equal rights, fair treatment, and the empowerment of the immigrant community.


Chispas was founded in 2008 by Grey Torrico, a UF student who used her own experiences as an immigrant to embark on a mission. Torrico wanted to create an organization that served the immigrant community and helped those who were also in the fight for justice.

In its first year, Chispas succeeded in planning social justice events, such as a program hosting the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a rally against Chipotle, and a campaign urging the passage of the DREAM ACT. Chispas launched Project Progress, ESL classes, where UF student volunteers tutor non-English speaking members of the community. We also hosted an alternative Spring Break trip to Immokalee, Florida, where Chispas participated in various service projects in the area.



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