Chispas at the University of Florida

Check out Chispas new video summarizing some of our achievements in the past few months of 2017!

We will continue pursing immigrant justice and hope you can join us!


Gators Dream Forward

Gators Dream Forward is one of Chispas campaigns which seeks to increase awareness of the resources UF offers to undocumented students. Since UF administration has been slow to advertise these resources, a lot of undocumented students may be falling through the cracks. (One such resource is the 2014 Florida Out of State waiver signed into law as HB851.)  HLA and CHISPAS want to change this by making these resources and information available to students through various methods that we hope to expand during this semester and for the upcoming year!

Both of CHISPAS VPs presenting information on the Out of State Waiver


Welcome to our  Webpage! CHISPAS is excited to start the Fall 2016 semester off strong. We will post about our upcoming events as they come. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or here to stay updated!


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